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  1. The Point of View No One Heard

    May 29, 2015  |  2 Comments

    2013 started off as a good year for me. I was interning at an amazing school as a student teacher, I was doing great in uni, my friends and I had an amazing relationship where we didn’t have to be in contact 24/7 through the new world’s technology and still stay close, and my love life was perfect.

    May 11th came in to be the unfortunate day where my world had abruptly stopped.

    I woke up with a camera in my face at 9am, surrounded by cops with huge guns (I’m not exactly a gun enthusiast, so I’m not sure what they’re really called, but I can testify that they were huge). I was in my boyfriend’s house with his older sister. We were so close. I loved his family, sometimes more than I loved my own. Anyways, we got dragged to the police station where it was clarified that we were in for drug dealing. Ever heard of the term “blinded by love”?

    The night before, on May 10th, as witnessed on TV in a news series I shall not name because of just how much I loathe it, a young man was caught in his car with a woman’s purse overflowing with none other than bags of weed. Oh, and a gram of cocaine, but I digress.

    This man was a “friend” of my bf (at the time, as we obviously have left each other). He claimed the purse to be mine and the drugs included in the bag to be my bf’s. Considering my bf has a disability, I suppose it’s credible. However not the case, but credible. This explains the bombard we had the next morning.

    The hours of interrogation passed on that lovely Saturday day between my bf, his sister, me, the man caught previously, and several others who were caught up in the situation as well. Oh the truths that came to light. The hard truths that were revealed. They were shocking, and I was dumbfounded. I was, to say the least, “blinded by love”.

    As well, cops in Lebanon are idiots. Through my next posts, you will see to what extent, until then, let’s just settle on this Saturday afternoon.

    When the day was done and all that could be said was said, we were informed that we were going to be put behind bars until we can figure this mess out. “Guilty until proven innocent”, remember? Keep in mind, we were told this would take a couple of days since Sunday is a weekend and things don’t really run up to speed here.

    A few days turned into 8 months. And till today, the story has not ended. But the story I’m writing here, has just begun.

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  2. Firas | June 6, 2015

    You’re as strong as wise and as lovely a free woman living in this unjust country and even though you where imprisoned in that darkest cage called prison (hell for me) you are still able add those colors to your life and you are with what you are doing, im inspired, thank you.

  3. Ghina Mohsen | November 18, 2015

    I have been reading your posts, and your thoughts are quite heart-wrenching. If it is of no trouble, I would like to do a short interview with you to share your experience with other women who have been unjustly treated as you have been. Your identity will remain confidential if you wish. Also, the interview would be recorded however voice altering options are possible as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would not mind being part of this project. Thank you and please keep writing.