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  1. My Lebanon, Your Lebanon

    June 8, 2015  |  0 Comments

    I mean, just fuck off. Two days ago I read a news story article about my case, for the millionth time. My name mentioned, by the way. Just in case anyone forgot! Isn’t that supposed to be illegal? Oh right.. I forgot, I’m in Lebanon..

    If this country could just be a little more open minded. A little more educated about the ongoing life outside of this stupid shit that people love to call their country. I see no reason for one to hold pride in such an unjust state.

    How is it okay for a 14 year old to be found in a pub, drunk off his ass, then proceed to ride a motorcycle home, where he either doesn’t have a license, or bought one, and of course with no helmet on? How? How the fuck is this okay, and it is NOT okay for someone to smoke a joint or two?

    Here, I’ll even give you some facts. But first, I highly suggest you YouTube this: Weed – Katt Williams.

    No one, in the history of ever has died of an overdose of marijuana. People do die from smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Both 100% legal in this country, to any age may I add. I say this because I have personally witnessed, on and on again, children (and by children I mean anyone under the age of 18) buying cigarettes, drinking alcohol and riding motorcycles while drunk and smoking a cigarette. Is that okay? Is that okay to you, police officer (I feel the need to mention their names..Should I?), who yelled at me for 4 and a half hours about how I smoked a joint one day and now I’m the biggest drug dealer? This is your induction?

    This may just be an anger rant, and I apologize for any misunderstandings you may have, please feel free to ask me anything that might have you confused, or if you just want to know more. But when I rant I tend not to double check what I say and just sent it out to the world because I feel it deserves to be heard. I feel every voice deserves to be heard. I believe in Democracy, and YES I am proud of being an American while I surrender my Lebanese identity.

    Why, you may ask? Simple, because in my proud country, I am not punished for doing something legal for reasonable grounds while here I am detained for smoking a joint and causing no harm. Because of this, I had panic attacks and now I consume three different types of medications a day to calm me down. And still I have no calm like I did before, because of the anxiety that has been constantly instilled in me because of this stupid fucking experience. It’s an insane deconstruction.

    *Deep breath*. I can say more, I can go on for hours, but I’m gonna stop here to be polite to you.

    The best part is, I learned more from this experience than I would have my whole entire life. I’m living to the fullest I can to be the happiest I can by surrounding myself with the support I know I need.

    And so should you..

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