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  1. Let’s Fall in Love

    June 4, 2015  |  0 Comments

    Let’s fall in love. Let’s grow old together.

    How do you know who to choose to be your partner?

    I dont believe in heaven and hell, what I do believe is they’re on Earth. Unfortunately, I’ve been through my fair share of hell.. And it’s about time I feel what they call “heaven”. And I do, with a condition. Which is that when I’m with my partner, I’m complete, I’m happy, I’m untouchable, I’m titanium. I’m in “heaven”. But when we’re apart for the mere hours I don’t get to see my partner, I’m back in the 7th circle of hell. I’m not “so attached to them I’m gonna die”. But I do know my world is a better place with my partner and I conquering it. When I go home, back to the hell that got me into all the messes I’ve been through, I’m reminded of my twisted past, my complicated present. But once I walk out the door and my face touches the sweet fresh breath of air, and my eyes widen to the light presented by nature, I smile knowing I’m going to see my love. We do everything together. Willingly. Not because “we’re together and we have to”. But because whatever it is we do becomes instantly more fun, more enjoyable, more of a memory rather than just time being wasted.

    It was so hard to trust again, to find love again. After everything I’ve been through, all the lies I’ve been presented with, I had all the time in the world for 8 months to think. All you can do is think. And the only thing you have to face in prison is yourself, and that’s the hardest thing you can ever do. I learned I never truly loved at all. I was sad to find that I was never really happy. Never  really comfortable.

    That’s how I chose who to be my partner. Because, for once in my life, I am genuinely myself, and happy.

    I want to experience the world with my partner. I want to travel, to live under a shack, in a cave, on the beach, in a mansion, on an Island, or just under nature. I want to taste all the foods with my partner, Italian, Spanish, French, and all the different mixes of textures of tastes. I want to run away from everything and everyone, and once I do, it’ll be me and my partner against the world. And I can’t look forward to anything more in my life.

    This person has saved me. Made me a better person. And gave me a better life. I never thought I could be myself with anyone. We let each other into our hearts and minds.

    I never knew what comfort was before you.

    I cant wait till forever with you.
    You complete me. I love you. I always will. Forever and ever.

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