1. Abyss

    October 20, 2016  |  1 Comment

    Build a wall around you. Show the world who you are, but always keep to yourself. Be careful where you step. Be careful who you walk with. Because I realized acting stupid cuts the stupid out of your life. The smart ones will see through your stupid act, and the stupid ones won’t even realize what you’re doing. Then there are those who think they’re smart. Those are the ones that kill me. They step all over you, think they’ve outsmarted you with their conniving bullshit, and you just stare. But here’s the hard part, just keep acting stupid. The secret here is that, you have to realize they don’t care anyways. They’re all selfish.

    Everybody lies. People aren’t born good. They’re taught goodness through society because the world would be in chaos if we all acted like our instincts told us to. But when you find the right people, you can be chaotic together. That’s what love is. It’s not loving them for who they are. It’s loving them because you’re the same type of chaos. And that’s what we look for. Sometimes you think you found that, and realize different chaos’ creates disorder.

    I met you and you tried to outsmart me. You impersonated a nice soul. You took over the idea of being such a good person, that you started believing it yourself. Thought that you played me, didn’t you?

    You think I’m an idiot? In my 26 years of life, I lived chaos, I’ve seen more than you will till the day you die. So shut the fuck up. Get your hands off me.


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  2. The best chef | February 17, 2017

    So powerful.