1. Dear Diary, Part 6

    July 2, 2017  |  0 Comments

    Monday, October 21st 2013:

    I cut off writing yesterday to talk to the nurse, S. I found out why my roommate is angry, and now I’m angry. She thinks I don’t give her enough attention and I’m giving S, my other roommate, more attention. Which is just fucking childish and really annoying. I need attention too and she barely gives it. So what now? I’m really not in the mood though. We’re in┬áprison, we’re really going to play children and get angry with each other and not speak? Fine. That’s just fine. I really don’t want to worry about this shit anymore.

    My mom and dad came today. I really want dad to come alone. They told me my court date might be this week. I want to know before though, how trippy waking up to yelling down the corridor “FreeBird, court”. I’m bothered, I’m not okay, I feel like shit. I just want to finish and get the fuck out. I’m sick of people, I’m sick of the prisoners, I’m sick of the people I’m living with, I’m sick of this room, I’m sick of this prison, I’m sick of the childish attitude these prisoners have (including and especially that roommate). I’m so fucking sick of it. Of all of it. It’s just easier to not talk to anyone and keep everything to myself. I have the song “wait for me” stuck in my head. I can barely remember the lyrics, but I love it.

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013:

    Me and my roommate made up, which is good. She’ll always be like a sister, and sisters go through this so it’s okay. But now the other roommate is giving me attitude. Really not in the mood. Whatever, we’ll see. I spoke to dad today. I’m tired.

    My eye is infected. Fuck. I’m so tired.

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