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  1. Presumed Guilty

    July 8, 2015  |  2 Comments

    Presumed Guilty, a book by Peter Golenbock and lawyer Jose Baez. Wow. Anyone ever heard of Casey Anthony? The woman who was accused of murdering her own daughter? I heard this piece of news story before but never took a deep interest in it like I did back then. These things just didn’t interest me. Now, they do. And they affect me more than I ever thought they might.

    I came across this book while searching Audible (as I prefer audio books at the moment as my eyes cannot focus so much these days..), I noticed that I landed on the “true crime” category and went through book by book. Until I found Presumed Guilty.
    Casey Anthony had a young daughter of about 6 named Caylee Anthony. Her father was not around, and was even doubted to be Casey’s own father who was allegedly raping her constantly. Creepy right? That’s just a page of the book. The thing is, I was drawn to this story because what I went through was “guilty until proven innocent”. Of course elsewhere it’s vice versa. Also, there’s a huge difference being convicted of drug dealing and of man slaughter. There was never a body before they even threw her into jail. Fine, let’s all take precautions. However, as the story went on, the more innocent Casey Anthony proved to be. The jury was a group of well educated individuals who decided after three years of investigations and two months into trial that Casey Anthony is acquitted on all counts. Jose Baez became a high profile defense attorney, and this is wonderful news for Casey! She’s now able to leave the jail and walk out an innocent woman to leave and mourn the brutal murder of her daughter. But 5 years later, Casey Anthony still cannot leave her house without being thrown comments on her being guilty and this was her fault and she’s the one who murdered her child. I’m not giving away the assumptions of who might of killed Caylee because it’s a wonderful book, and very well written, and I suggest you read it.

    But tell me, how is it fair that she cannot leave her own house without being harassed? She was found innocent. Is there something wrong with our judicial system? Was she let out on technicalities or was she really innocent? Was her lawyer claiming she was mentally unstable just to get her off trial or was she really mentally unstable? Baez was portrayed in the media as an inexperienced attorney taking on one of the highest-profile criminal cases and he writes:

    “The public may have been convinced that I was an idiot but I let it all roll off my back.”

    Read the book and decide for yourselves, I would love to know your decision.

    My decision is, as for someone who is stuck in a foreign country with harsh comments being thrown at me everyday since the day I came out a year and half ago, I feel with Casey. I believe she’s innocent. Maybe I took an emotional decision, but I believe in my thoughts and hunches.

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  2. Ismail | July 15, 2015

    Tell me where these shadows came from
    What clouded our reality?
    Was is it just too easy or was it just the pain?
    Was it all enough for you to bring us to the end?

    Covered up by motion blur
    There were no mistakes
    Yet, I feel it burn

    Qualified to measure my own misery
    I cannot believe there is nothing left for me
    Tell me why I even bother, tell me why I sit and cry
    You said every word so clear, yet, I sit here wonder why

    Darkness struck by lightning
    Divided into half’s
    No reason nor a purpose
    The end just came so fast

    All that’s left is shadows
    Cast by our shallow dreams
    But the fire is still burning
    So deep inside, inside of me

    I will not give up until
    The truth’s nailed to the wall
    The lies won’t serve our purpose
    In corruption lies our fall

    The over mind is dying
    Its eyes can’t see us all
    But I’ll be here when you are gone
    I’ll make it through the storm

  3. | December 30, 2015

    My baby
    Your article is so helpful for me,i like it,thanks!